Music by: Paul Roberts
Lyrics by: Rob Urbin
(Lyric version not recorded at this time)

Lizabeth you fly through the air,
with such ease and with no cares.
It seems I had a dream long ago,
all about you,
and the things that you do

Lizabeth the sun in the sky,
has to smile and wonder why,
you stay all day and play your funny games,
singing sweet sunny tunes

Must I just watch?
Would it be alright with you?
If I made a wish to be
up in the sky,
sharing all your wild blue laughter,
ever after.

Lizabeth I want you to know,
if you stay if or if you go,
to me you’ll always be a summer’s day
that never ends.
You’re my sweet sunny friend,


© 2009 Paul Roberts, Rob Urbin

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