Macomb Now - Winter 2015 Edition "Every Day is a Gift" (Click on the picture "Every Day is a Gift" to read the full article.)

“The music of Paul Roberts is so very special. We love to relax, sit back and be soothed by his magical touch of harmonious, uplifting music. Thank you so much for this magnificent gift to us all.”
                                                -- Ron S.

This is wonderful, soothing music for a hectic world. If you would like to sample Paul's music, go to”
                                                -- Bruce S.

“I purchased your album, "Heart to Heart." The music is truly beautiful. What a gift and a talent you are blessed with. Thanks too for making me aware of '"
                                                -- Bobbie W.

“Beautiful music!!!!!!!!!!! And a good guy.”
                                                -- Noreen R.

“Congrats Bobby! Everything sounds great!”
                                                -- Nate C. [On the Launch of Heart to Heart]

“Congratulations Bob!”
                                                -- Gerald C. [On the Launch of Heart to Heart]

I am fortunate enough to be married to this wonderful man, I am so proud of him living his dream.”
                                                -- Maggie V.

“Love when my daddy sings …[Home, I Want to Go Home]! Amazing to know he could write such beautiful words and you could write such beautiful music and its finally being considered! It deserves to be heard!!”
                                                -- Scarlet U. [On her father’s lyrics written for Home, I Want to Go Home, chosen for the film “Let the Child Dream”]

“I'm using …[Home, I Want to Go Home] because it's beautiful and goes well with the film …[Let the Child Dream]. It's an honor to have it.”
                                                -- Miko K., Paramore Films

“Congratulations on your CD release…I'm sending the order form thru the mail for A copy, It will be great to hear.”
                                                -- Good goin friend, Geo R.

“I'm really enjoying listening to your music. I put a link to your CD on my website!”
                                                -- Chuck M.

“WOW, Paul Roberts, WOW!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful CD.  You are definitely a gifted composer.  We are honored to have this music and it will be played when we have friends over for dinners.

Stan says to tell you that you have TALENT that should be recognized.  Music is great. We actually took a couple of dance spins around our living room.  Romance is in the air. Thank you.”
                                              -- Jeanette & Stan W.


“Can't see why a movie studio wouldn't not pick this up tomorrow as a backdrop to a jazzy, romantic scene....! Outstanding match of graphics with music! ”
                                                -- UCLA105.

“Wow...Impressive my friend...I like the Photos, they go great with this music...Good job Bobby... ”
                                                -- YourEncounter4Life.

“Paul. Great Job! Reminds me of my last weekend in Cinci. Ditto to the "above" comments posted. ”
                                                -- misliz2you.

“sounds great! kinda takes me to a place ala mike hammer/mickey spillane mixed with an exotic locale. to me it would seem like a camera moving into a location then transition into another location and so on (much like the pics you provided) but moving at a nice pace from spot to spot would have had me not only hearing the sounds but seeing and smelling the? music. hope that helps. again - great music. ”
                                                -- OrangeRushMarvel.

“Nice photo montage. Love the music. ”
                                                -- TheMBPfilms.

“Hey! I checked out the music video you messaged out and it looks great, keep up the good work! James and I still have the CD's you gave us last summer. A lot of great listening on there, I'm definitely looking forward to more music! ”
                                                -- Will O.


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P.O. Box 26004 • Fraser, MI • 48026-6004